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Wiki house Builds

PLEXEL                                     FORD                                LECTURE THEATRES

Leisure Technique are progressing well at Here East situated in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.

Artists Impression

We are providing state of the art Retail Units for Here East’s Gantry area, please click here for a video

Follow the build progress here or click here for just the videos

Along with a video about making the Pods

They are using the pioneering WIKI house design


Initially a prototype was sent, made up of interlocking 18mm WISA Spruce plywood to form very sturdy walls, roof, floor and columns

Below is a selection of progress pictures…………….


With a total of 8 CNC machines here at Leisure techniques we are able to keep up with demands

CNC 3 Factory floor

With approximately 6,300 sheets of 18mm plywood and a further 1,300 sheets of Garnica Fireshield  5mm plywood being machined, to well over a 1000 differing components at our factory a keen eye on correct palletisation has to be maintained as they are shipped to site in a house by house kit format, with a total of 21 houses coming in 5 variations and 2x toilet blocks.


One of many artic lorry loads heading for Here East.

Frames 1 Frames 3

Main structural framework laid out ready to be hoisted into place

Frames 2

Gantry Unit D framework in place


With accurate CNC comes tight tolerances


Knauf Earthwool 44 combi being used to insulate the walls, floors and roof spaces in-between the box sections


The inside of the exterior walls (RHS of this picture) are clad with Garnica Fireshield 5mm plywood


Dupont Tyvek Housewrap – breather membrane is applied to unseen exterior walls


DuPont UV Façade is used for exterior walls that will eventually still be seen though either vertical slats or Polycarbonate panelling.


Basic pluming and electrics


Internal staircase to spacious upper floor


Almost completed house having final Tyvek layer applied.

The Lads

Leisure Techniques highly skilled installation team.


Photo Gallery


To learn more about how the pods are created click here 

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